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Coin-Operated Copier Services

Do you need to meet the photocopying needs of students and/or the public? Then a coin-operated photocopier from Duplicating Services can help you make that happen.

We can place a coin-operated photocopier in your location and charge back at only 10 cents per copy. That simple cost is not paid by you or your department, but rather by the person making their copies.

There is absolutely no cost to you or your department, and no responsibility other than coordinating the process through Duplicating Services. And, the process is simple. We will order all supplies and make all service calls. You just provide the space, electricity and a contact person.

Now you can meet your area's coin-op photocopier needs, without with the hassle of the paperwork and cash layout involved with renting and servicing a coin-op machine (not to mention the hassle of counting the change).

Please call Walter Connolly at (513) 556.3218 to learn more about how a Duplicating Services coin-operated photocopier system can work for you.

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Coin-Operated Copier Services

Order a Copier:

To order a departmental copier or receive more information, contact

Walter Connolly

(513) 556.3218