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Bulk Mail

Mailing Services
The Printing Services department offers bulk/mass mailings and other communications tools to best meet your mail needs:

• Free consultation• Zip+4 address encoding
• Inkjet addressing onto your mail piece• List conversions
• Automatic and manual inserting process• Postage discount optimization
• CASS/BCC mail list certification • Courier services
• Folding and tabbing• DPV validation

Standard (Bulk) Mail - Overview

Overview - Inkjet Addressing - Inserting - Pre-Label Form

Standard A mail (formerly 3rd Class or "Bulk”) is a term used to denote the mailing of 200 or more pieces of identical mail at reduced Third Class postage rates to continental (and Puerto Rico) US addresses only. The University maintains a pre-paid postage account with the US Post Office for the processing of University mail. When mail is delivered to the Post Office the total amount for postage is deducted from the University account and UC Mail Services then automatically deducts these charges from the department or college postage account.

Basic Requirements

Must be 200 or more pieces to qualify as standard mail. Pieces must all be the same and weigh the same (a single staple or extra insert can make a difference). Advertisements for selling products or services are not permitted when using the "non-profit" permit. "University of Cincinnati" must appear in the return address. There must be a standard mail indicia printed in the upper right hand corner of the mail piece and it must read exactly as follows:

Non-Profit Org.
US Postage
Cincinnati OH
Permit No 133

NOTE: This indicia is to be printed on envelopes or self-mailers that are part of a standard mailing as detailed above ONLY. It can not be used on single mail pieces as a "stamp" for outgoing or return mail.

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