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1. The University letterhead and/or envelope shall not contain the names of individuals, or any logos or devices except the University logo.

2. All officially recognized and University-funded academic or administrative units of the University shall use University approved letterheads and envelopes.

3. Information placed in the upper right hand corner of the letterhead is limited to the name of the parent unit and/or the departmental or divisional unit. University of Cincinnati, PO Box, City, State and 9-digit Zip Code must appear as the LAST 3 LINES i n the address.

4. Additional address information is optional, but limited to: Name of Building Room Number Street Address Phone Number Fax Number Department/Division Email Address

5. "An affirmative action/equal opportunity institution" must appear at the bottom of all letterheads and memos.

PO Box and 9-Digit Zip Code

The PO Box and 9-digit zip code are required on all UC stationery. The term "PO Box" replaces the term "Mail Location" (except for RWC, Clermont and CAS).

The PO Box number consists of the last two digits of the University zip codes 45221 or 45267 followed by the department's four digit mail location. For example: ML #0005 = PO Box 210005; ML #0557 = PO Box 670557.

The 9-digit zip code consists of the first five digits of your normal zip code (45221 or 45267) and the last four are your mail location number. For example: ML #0005 = 45221-0005; ML #0557 = 45267-0557.

Blue Ash - Clermont Branch Colleges

These branch colleges should use the following address formats instead of the PO Box:

UC Blue Ash College
9555 Plainfield Road
Blue Ash OH 45236-1096

UC Clermont College
4200 Clermont College Drive
Batavia OH 45103-1785

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