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Date: 01/21/14
Daniel Drake Medal

Media Contact

To arrange interviews or learn more about the Daniel Drake Medal, please contact Dama Ewbank directly at (513) 558-4519. After hours, call Ewbank at (513) 348-8085.


"Daniel Drake was not only the leading pioneer physician west of the Alleghenies, but also an indefatigable man of letters, a naturalist, philosopher, teacher, and humanist. He was the first author in the West and a member of the first faculty of the first medical school west of the Alleghenies.”  –Charles D. Aring, MD, Journal of the American Medical Association, October 18, 1985


In 1985, the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine celebrated the 200th anniversary of the birth of its founder, pioneering physician Daniel Drake. As part of that celebration, the college created a new award—the Daniel Drake Medal—to honor its distinguished living faculty and alumni.


Nominations for the Daniel Drake Medal are based on outstanding or unique contributions to medical education, scholarship or research. Considered the highest honor awarded by the college of medicine, the Daniel Drake Medals are awarded annually at the college’s Honors Day (graduation) ceremony in May.

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Past Daniel Drake Medal Winners

J. Wesley Alexander, MD, ScD (1997)

*Charles D. Aring, MD (1985)

Arthur K. Asbury, MD (1988)
Taylor "Tuck" Asbury, MD (2013)

William Balistreri, MD (2006)

*Charles M. Barrett, MD (1985)
Richard Becker, MD (2011)

*I. Leonard Bernstein, MD (1999)

*Helen K. Berry, MA (1991)

Jerome Birnbaum, PhD (1996)

*David H. Blankenhorn, MD (1992)

Thomas F. Boat, MD (2005)

Peter Bosomworth, MD (1994)
Joseph Broderick, MD (2010)

Gerald D. Buckberg, MD (2000)

*Leland C. Clark Jr., PhD (1993)

Alvin Crawford, MD (2006)

*Robert S. Daniels, MD (1987)

*Virginia H. Donaldson, MD (1999)

*Benjamin Felson, MD (1985)

*Herbert C. Flessa, MD (2004)

Thomas J. Fogarty, MD (2005)

Marilyn Hughes Gaston, MD (1997)

Jack Gluckman, MD (2008)
*Helen I. Glueck, MD (1985)

*Leon Goldman, MD (1988)

*Clifford G. Grulee Jr., MD (1985)
James Heubi, MD (2011)

Evelyn V. Hess, MD (2001)

*Leo E. Hollister, MD (1998)

Cornelius L. Hopper, MD (2000)

John J. Hutton, MD (2003)

James Kereiakes, PhD (1994)

Evangelia (Litsa) Kranias, PhD (2008)
Beatrice C. Lampkin, MD (1995)

P. Reed Larsen, MD (2004)

Jerry B. Lingrel, PhD (2002)

Lester W. Martin, MD (1990)

*Clarence R. McLain Jr., MD (2002)

Myron Melamed, MD (1991)

*Lester A. Mount, MD (1995)

*Waldo E. Nelson, MD (1990)

Scott Pomeroy, MD, PhD (2007)
*Edward L. Pratt, MD (1987)

Robert Rakel, MD (2013)
*Morton F. Reiser, MD (1989)

Jeffrey Robbins, PhD (2009)
Robert J. Ryan, MD (1990)

*Albert B. Sabin, MD (1985)

*Eugene L. Saenger, MD (1988)

Martin A. Samuels, MD (2005)

*Leon C. Schiff, MD, PhD (1993)

* William K. Schubert, MD (1991)

*Frederic N. Silverman, MD (1998)

Robert Smith, MD (2007)
Peter Stambrook, MD (2013)
Paul Stein, MD (2009)
*Raymond R. Suskind, MD (1985)

John M. Tew Jr., MD (2002)

Reginald C. Tsang, MD (2003)
Patrick Tso, PhD (2010)

*Richard W. Vilter, MD (1985)

*Josef Warkany, MD (1985)

*Clark D. West, MD (1996)

Jeffrey A. Whitsett, MD (2001)

*Jerome F. Wiot, MD (1992)


Daniel Drake Medal Winners By Year

1985        *Charles D. Aring, MD

               *Charles M. Barrett, MD

               *Benjamin Felson, MD

               *Helen I. Glueck, MD

               *Clifford G. Grulee Jr., MD

               *Albert B. Sabin, MD

               *Raymond R. Suskind, MD

               *Richard W. Vilter, MD

               *Josef Warkany, MD

1987        *Robert S. Daniels, MD

               *Edward L. Pratt, MD

1988        Arthur K. Asbury, MD

               *Leon Goldman, MD

               *Eugene L. Saenger, MD

1989        *Morton F. Reiser, MD

1990        Lester W. Martin, MD

               *Waldo E. Nelson, MD

               *Robert J. Ryan, MD

1991        *Helen K. Berry, MA

               Myron Melamed, MD

               *William K. Schubert, MD

1992        *David H. Blankenhorn, MD

               *Jerome F. Wiot, MD

1993        *Leland C. Clark Jr., PhD

               *Leon C. Schiff, MD, PhD

1994        Peter Bosomworth, MD

               James Kereiakes, PhD

1995        Beatrice C. Lampkin, MD

               *Lester A. Mount, MD

1996        Jerome Birnbaum, PhD

               *Clark D. West, MD

1997        J. Wesley Alexander, MD, ScD

               Marilyn Hughes Gaston, MD

1998        *Leo E. Hollister, MD

               *Frederic N. Silverman, MD

1999        *I. Leonard Bernstein, MD

               *Virginia H. Donaldson, MD

2000        Gerald D. Buckberg, MD

               Cornelius L. Hopper, MD

2001        Evelyn V. Hess, MD

               Jeffrey A. Whitsett, MD

2002        Jerry B. Lingrel, PhD

               *Clarence R. McLain Jr., MD

               John M. Tew Jr., MD

2003        John J. Hutton, MD

               Reginald C. Tsang, MD

2004        *Herbert C. Flessa, MD

               P. Reed Larsen, MD

2005        Thomas F. Boat, MD

               Thomas J. Fogarty, MD

               Martin A. Samuels, MD

2006        William Balistreri, MD

               Alvin Crawford, MD

2007        Scott Pomeroy, MD, PhD

               Robert Smith, MD

2008        Jack Gluckman, MD
               Evangelia (Litsa) Kranias, PhD
2009        Jeffrey Robbins, PhD 
               Paul Stein, MD
2010        Joseph Broderick, MD 
               Patrick Tso, PhD
2011        Richard Becker, MD
               James Heubi, MD
2012        Robin Cotton, MD
               Sheldon Greenfield, MD
               Stephen Woods, PhD
2013        Taylor "Tuck" Asbury, MD
               Robert Rakel, MD
               Peter Stambrook, PhD



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