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The following list contains news articles about the UC Academic Health Center, published by a variety of print, broadcast and electronic media outlets. Please click on the title to view the entire story (you will be redirected to that media outletís website).

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please contact UC Academic Health Center public relations by emailing or calling 513-558-4553 during normal business hours (8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday).


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Energy Drinks Linked to Traumatic Brain Injury in Teens
New York Daily News
Energy drinks could be a real monster to the health of teenagers, according to a new study.  >> Associated expert: Mario Zuccarello, MD

Assistant Professor Recognized for Serving Hispanic Community
The News Record
After being recognized for her commitment to serving Cincinnatiís Hispanic population, University of Cincinnati assistant professor Ligia Gůmez looks to continue serving the growing community.

Celebrating Gift of Body Donation
The Cincinnati Enquirer
UC's College of Medicine is conducting its annual memorial for 160 body donors who have helped students gain knowledge they canít get any other way.

Cancer Survivor Eats Whole Food Diet
WKRC, Channel 12
A local woman who survived cancer said a change in her diet made all the difference. She was part of a team that said people should see the "PlantPure NationĒ documentary that was shown at the University of Cincinnati.

Breast Cancer and Memory
WCPO, Channel 9
A young breast cancer survivor experienced a side effect, and doctors at the UC Cancer Institute say more women need to know about it.

Vaginal Estrogen Linked to Improved Sexual Health for Some Women
Among women who donít take hormonal replacement therapy after menopause, and even some who do, vaginally applied estrogen may help ease dryness and painful intercourse, a small U.S. study suggests.  >> Associated expert: Michael Thomas, MD

New Push for Meningitis B Vaccines on College Campuses
The Wall Street Journal
As the fall semester gets underway, some U.S. colleges and universities are offering students new vaccines against a bug responsible for recent campus outbreaks of a rare but life-threatening form of meningitis.  >> Associated expert: Glenn Egelman, MD

UC College of Nursing Has New 'Collaboratory'
The Cincinnati Enquirer
The University of Cincinnati College of Nursing can celebrate a new venue, the Interprofessional Innovation Collaboratory.   >> Associated expert: Greer Glazer, PhD

Opinion: Cincinnati Needs World-Class Cancer Care
The Cincinnati Enquirer
Many aspects of our city have reached world prominence. Why not cancer care?  >> Associated expert: William Barrett, MD

UC Neuroscience Institute Launches Push for Own Building
The Cincinnati Enquirer
In a bold effort to place the University of Cincinnatiís sprawling brain-science practice under one roof, officials of the UC Neuroscience Institute announced a $54.6 million campaign to build a dedicated facility for the study and treatment of disorders such as Parkinsonís disease, stroke and epilepsy.  >> Associated expert: Joseph Broderick, MD

Discussing the Libido-Boosting Drug Flibanserin
WXIX-TV, Channel 19
The libido-boosting drug flibanserin is the first government-approved treatment for a lack of sexual desire in women.

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