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UC Docs at Forefront of Rare Heart Procedures
What if a household appliance or vehicle wasn’t working properly due to wiring, but the specialty repair shop or an expert repairman was hundreds of miles away? More seriously, what if the problem was in your heart?
APRIL 2010

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Important Steps Taken to Make UC Health Official
The University of Cincinnati has taken several important steps toward the official formation of UC Health.
Sabin Celebration Reflects on 50 Years of Polio Vaccine
UC and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center are teaming up this month to remember and celebrate the 50th anniversary of "Sabin Sunday” (April 24, 1960), the day when the world’s first oral, live-virus polio vaccine was administered in the United States.
UC Center Chosen to Study Auditory Brainstem Implants
If a siren sounded but you were deaf, might you still be able to hear the sound? That is a challenge being addressed by Ravi Samy, MD, assistant professor of otolaryngology—head and neck surgery at UC and director of the Adult Cochlear Implant Program at the UC Neuroscience Institute’s Functional Neuroscience Center.
$8.4 Million in Stimulus Funds Support Research Renovation
A National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant totaling more than $8.4 million will support renovations in the Laboratory Animal Medical Services (LAMS) facility in the College of Medicine’s Medical Sciences Building.
A 'Fitting Proposal' For Match Day 2010
It was a double dose of congratulations for UC medical student Melissa Korb on Match Day 2010. That’s when Korb, 27, not only learned she’d be conducting her general surgery residency training at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Medical Center, but she’d be doing so as the wife of Rob Dempsey, a 2009 UC College of Medicine alumnus.
Collaboration on Monthly Menu at Dean's Dinners With Researchers
Forget the petri dish—many of UC’s basic science researchers are getting together over the pasta primavera. That’s because periodically, at a restaurant near the UC medical campus, collaboration is on the menu. It’s the theme for the dinners with researchers hosted by David Stern, MD, vice president for health affairs at UC and dean of the College of Medicine
Medical Students Boldly Go Bald for St. Baldrick's Cancer Fundraiser
It’s only hair, right? Perhaps in theory—especially when you’re shaving it all off for a great cause—but there was still an element of anxiety as UC College of Medicine students lined up March 12 to go bald for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation pediatric cancer fundraiser.
'Proudly Pennies' Makes a Stop at Winkle College of Pharmacy
UC President Gregory Williams, PhD (middle), visited with students, including (from left to right) Chris Forg, Ganesh Mugundu, Nimita Kapadia and Ganesh Palanisamy, during the James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy’s Proudly Pennies event Feb. 26.
UC's Center for Reproductive Health Adds Experience, Expertise to Team
UC’s Center for Reproductive Health opened in 1988 and remains the only comprehensive patient care and research center focused on women’s health in the Greater Cincinnati area.
MI-CEID Spring Retreat Explores Approaches to Disease Mechanisms
The Midwest Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases (MI-CEID) held its spring retreat March 22 at the College of Medicine. Attendees heard research presentations, followed by a discussion of metagenomics in infectious disease by guest speaker Thomas Jarvie, PhD, of 454 Life Sciences Corp.
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