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Transplant Patient Given Gift of Life From Teenage Donor
Amy Pannell was no stranger to doctors or medication. In 1984, she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, a form of overactive immune response that leads to chronic inflammation of the intestines.
APRIL 2011

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Social Media Helps Attract Nursing Study Participants
Today’s young people operate in a near paperless society, and communication platforms like email, texting, Twitter and Facebook rule when it comes to spreading the word far and wide.
Mother to Share Journey of Healing
The Mood Disorders Program at the UC Neuroscience Institute is holding two special events Saturday, April 30, at Xavier University’s Cintas Center, including a panel discussion that will feature a Cincinnati couple, Karen and Dave Troup.
UC Health Experts Host Inaugural Voice Symposium on April 16
The theme for the 2011 World Voice Day is "We Share A Voice,” and the otolaryngology–head and neck surgery department hopes attendants to the region’s first World Voice Symposium will learn not only how to share their voice, but also extend its life and quality.
Endowed Chairs Provide Critical Support
Financially endowed chairs are a vital resource of funding for the UC Academic Health Center and higher education in general.
Focus on Science: Andrew Herr, PhD
Andrew Herr, PhD, is a professor of molecular genetics, biochemistry and microbiology and a structural biology expert.
Critical Care Specialists Team Up With Cardiologists
When the sickest patients are admitted to the hospital with potentially fatal heart conditions, cardiovascular intensive care unit (CVICU) staff and physicians are on hand to make sure everything is being done to help. But when other critical health issues arise, patients sometimes get moved to other intensive care units and away from the CVICU team that was there to help them from the beginning.
'At Least I Know': Study Signals Link Between Common Syndrome, Migraines
Christy South, 33, spent years battling intense joint pain that resulted in multiple incorrect diagnoses and the eventual loss of employment. "They thought I had rheumatoid arthritis and then fibromyalgia,” she says, adding that, on top of joint pain, she began experiencing splitting migraines.
UC's Future Physicians Raise Over $13K by Going Bald for Pediatric Cancer Patients
The goal was to raise $11,000 for pediatric cancer research—and isn’t it just like University of Cincinnati students to overachieve!
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