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It's All About Finding the Right Fit Faster
Ask most biologists and chemists and they'll tell you drug discovery is all about the right fit. "It really comes down to how one shape fits into another," says Matt Wortman, PhD, assistant professor and director of the Computational Biology Core facility at UC's Genome Research Institute (GRI). "Biology is basically about molecules bumping together. When molecules don't bump together correctly, you're in trouble." 
"Harmless" Bug Hits You When You're Down
You don't need to be a biologist to know about the dangerous bugs out there. One pathogen or another, the news media direly report, is working its way around the world, from Central Africa, to Thailand, to China and to the slums of every major city in Europe.
'Paired Donation' Program Offers Earlier, Safer Transplan
When Paul Meyer learned his kidneys were failing and he needed dialysis to survive, he was placed on the list for a cadaver organ transplant.
Possible Treatment Found for 'Chemobrain'
Patients who take medication for cancer often find themselves with a new problem when their treatment ends.
New Faces Soon to be Around at the Academic Health Center
You will soon notice many new faces around the Academic Health Center. The naming of David Stern, MD, in May as the new College of Medicine dean was just the first in a series of major additions to the East Campus.
Lee Retires After 35 Years, Thousands of Student Successes
After 35 years and over 3,000 student success stories, Robert E. Lee, PhD, associate dean for academic and professional affairs and professor of medicinal chemistry, is retiring from the College of Pharmacy.
AIT&L's Services Continue Uninterrupted
Despite the boarding up of the Health Sciences Library during contruction work on the MSB-CARE/Crawley Building, AIT&L's many services continue uninterrupted and ever-improving at eight separate locations.
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