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New System May Drive Clinical Trial Recruiting
Across the country, clinician-researchers face a constant battle: getting people to enroll in clinical trials. Fliers line hallways and fill bulletin boards, and advertisements flank the pages of local papers, but some trials still go unfilled.One of the most effective forms of clinical trial recruitment, researchers agree, is obtaining the support of other physicians. 
Allied Health Recognizes Faculty
The College of Allied Health recently announced the 2005 winners of its faculty excellence awards.
Residents Hit the Streets to Detect Cancer
When the Rev. Donald Jordan found out he had prostate cancer, he knew that he wasn't alone.
Study Probes Obesity, ALS in Military
UC researchers are working to improve the performance of U.S. soldiers in training and combat, and to make their lives healthier when they return home.
New Hope Offered for Brain Injury Sufferers
Scientists have found that the site in the brain that controls language in right-handed people shifts with aging--a discovery that might offer hope in the treatment of speech problems resulting from traumatic brain injury or stroke.
Just Community Event Features NFL Hall of Famer
Former Cincinnati Bengal Anthony Muñoz will discuss how to make decisions and choices for a healthy lifestyle as part of UC's Just Community initiative.
Hormone Might Cause Serious Pregnancy Compications
UC researchers have found evidence of a hormone they say is responsible for certain types of high blood pressure (hypertension), and could also cause preeclampsia, a potentially dangerous condition that occurs during pregnancy.
Environmental Health Chair Has New Vision
The first thing Shuk-mei Ho, PhD, did when she arrived at UC was knock down a few walls.
Sakr Named International Group Chair at World Pharmacy Conference
Adel Sakr, PhD, professor and director of Industrial Pharmacy at UC's College of Pharmacy, has been elected chair of the Industrial Pharmacy Section of the World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences for the next four years.
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