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Fertility Program Minimizes Financial Burden for Couples
Angie and Chris Sherman sold a house they loved for a cheaper one and downgraded their car. They evaluated their expenses and cut back where they could—all for the chance to become parents.
JUNE 2006

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'Matchmaker' Phyllis Breen Puts Students at the Center
Many in the College of Allied Health Sciences probably thought there was a typo when they read that their colleague Phyllis Breen was the recipient of the 2006 Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Member award.
Millions of Allergy Sufferers Still Thank George Rieveschl
The man who continues to help the world breathe more easily was honored by UC for his discovery during a reception held May 16.
Brain 'Checkpoint' May Control Appetite
A cell-signaling pathway in the brain that is linked to the development of cancer and diabetes is also a key part of networks that regulate food intake, say UC researchers.
Training Tomorrow's Scientists
UC has introduced a visionary PhD program that will train tomorrow's scientists to analyze and apply the burgeoning amounts of biological data now being provided by genetic research.
New Surgical Innovation Center Expands 'Frontiers of Medicine'
On June 1, UC unveiled a new asset: a permanent home for its Center for Surgical Innovation (CSI), a state-of-the art teaching and research center dedicated to expanding the frontiers of medicine through research and innovative thinking.
College of Medicine Awards Daniel Drake Medals
The College of Medicine has conferred its highest honor, the Daniel Drake Medal, on two faculty members for outstanding contributions to medical education, scholarship and research.
Women Can Help Develop Better Treatments for Osteoporosis
Women between 18 and 35 can help researchers understand the effects of some medications for postmenopausal osteoporosis and hasten development of more effective treatments for the condition.
Summer Activities May Increase Hearing Loss
People tend to spend more time outdoors in the summer, and their exposure to loud noise increases. Whether the noise is from lawnmowers or firecrackers, it's important to take precautions to protect your ears.
June's News Extras
The Academic Health Center will graduate more than 480 students from all four colleges this spring.
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