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Hoxworth Sees Influx of Minority Donors
More minorities are rolling up their sleeves to donate blood in Cincinnati and give the "gift of life." Hoxworth Blood Center recently reported that more than 4,000 minority donors came to the center or a community blood drive between April 2005 and March 2006, a 14 percent increase over the same time period a year ago.
JULY 2006

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Medical Students' Diagnostic Skills Improved Through Art
UC medical students are studying works of art in order to appreciate that medicine is often more of an art than a science.
One Marathon Down, Olympics Yet to Go
It was just two months ago that UC research associate and PhD candidate Norah Shire captured Cincinnati’s crown jewel, the 2006 Flying Pig Marathon. And already she has her eyes set on something bigger—qualifying for the Olympic trials.
25 Years Later Cincinnati Is Still a Major Player in AIDS Research
Physicians locally and around the world read with great interest the account published in a medical journal in 1981 of the first four U.S. patients with AIDS in Los Angeles.
High Blood Sugar Puts Intensive Care Patients at Risk
If you or a loved one has high blood sugar and are treated for a heart attack or stroke in an intensive care unit (ICU), you are more likely to die.
UC to Improve Chronic Care Education
UC was one of only 10 academic health centers selected to receive a two-year, $200,000 grant from the Association of American Medical Colleges and the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation to improve chronic illness care through changes in medical education.
Omega-3s Are Important for More Than Just Heart Health
If recent news about mercury levels in fish and recommendations about adding this “heart-healthy” staple to our diet is confusing enough, here’s some food for thought.
UC Research Awards Interdisciplinary Grants
Six faculty members from the College of Medicine have received $25,000 University Research Council grants under the new Interdisciplinary Grant Program, sponsored by UC’s research office.
Scientist Has Own 'Formula' for Today's Research Dilemma
UC scientist Karen Knudsen, PhD, has her own formula for keeping her mind clear while working nights on what seem like endless grant applications to the National Cancer Institute.
'Non-Traditional' Therapies Worth Exploring
If you’re finding no relief for that shoulder pain or “tennis elbow” or that “out-of-whack” back keeps you from finishing your weeding, some non-traditional therapies might help.
Testing Remote Surgery in Extreme Environments
Led by UC's Timothy Broderick, MD, (left) a team of military, telecommunications and surgical experts recently completed the world's first test of a prototype communications platform for mobile telesurgery: the High Altitude Platforms for Mobile Robotic Telesurgery (HAPsMRT).
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