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Step Up to Better Health
The editorial staff of Medical Center Findings wanted to find out if it was really as easy as "On-the-Movers" say to add an extra 2,000 steps and cut out 100 calories each day. We set out to give you the skinny on On the Move at UC by enlisting the help of some of our fitness and nutrition experts and doing some good old-fashioned leg work.
UC Students Excel in National "Match" Program
College of Medicine students were among the record 14,700 U.S. medical school seniors participating in "National Match Day" on March 17.
International Stroke Study Shows Blood Clotting Agent Saves Patients
UC scientists working with researchers in Australia, Denmark and Germany have shown that early treatment with a recombinant blood clotting factor can save the lives of patients with a form of stroke known as intracerebral (brain) hemorrhage.
Graham Named Smith Endowed Chair
Robert Graham, MD, a national figure in the specialty, has been named to the Robert and Myfanwy Smith Endowed Chair in Family Medicine at the College of Medicine.
Greenwalt Honored for Pioneering Transfusion Research
Tibor (Tibi) Greenwalt, MD, who headed UC's Hoxworth Blood Center from 1979 to 1987, has received the Karl Landsteiner Memorial Award from the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) for achievement in blood and transfusion sciences.
Women Shortchanged on Cardiac Care, Study Shows
Although more women than men have died of cardiovascular disease since 1984, a multicenter study led by a UC scientist suggests that women are less likely than men to receive the recommended treatments and procedures for heart disease.
Sickle Cell Symposium to Discuss Adult Patients' Medical Needs
The nation's first-ever meeting to discuss the need for comprehensive care of adult sickle cell anemia patients will be held in Cincinnati April 78.
More Training Needed for Geriatric Care
The changing medical needs of the growing 65-and-over population in the United States are not being met by current medical education, UC researchers warn.
Innovative Event
UC celebrated the accomplishments of its inventors during the halftime of a men's basketball game in March.
Hope Taft Visits UC to Learn About Current Research on Alcoholism
Ohio's First Lady Hope Taft visited the Tristate Tobacco and Alcohol Research Center at its new location at the Genome Research Institute to talk with director Robert Anthenelli, MD, about his research on new drugs to treat alcoholism.
Saks Donates to Women's Cancer Research
Saks Fifth Avenue raised $14,192 for the UC Cancer Center and the Barrett Center during its annual Key to the Cure campaign.
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