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UC Researcher Primed to Study the Culprit Behind Those Dangerous Peanut Allergies
Why the peanut? That’s the question internal medicine researchers Fred Finkelman, MD, and Marat Khodoun, PhD, will attempt to answer in a new food allergy study soon to begin at UC.

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Clinics Offer Better Patient Care Training
Thanks to a new study by UC researchers, internal medicine residents may receive training that may be more beneficial in helping them develop patient relationships and improve patient care.
Doc Tests Own Limits in Adventure Race
How does one train for a 10-day, 500-mile endurance race that pushes the mind, body and spirit to the limit? Every day of your life, says John Wyrick, MD, who recently took part in Primal Quest 2008, the largest adventure race in the world.
Employer Weight Loss Programs Help Staff Drop Extra Pounds
Trish Otto, 63, says she feels wonderful since she started working out. It’s even better that she gets to do so on her company’s time and dime.
Ride Cincinnati Yields $200,000 for UC Cancer Research
Cancer research initiatives at UC have received a major boost from Ride Cincinnati, a local nonprofit organization dedicated to generating funds for breast cancer research. Ride Cincinnati recently presented the UC Barrett Cancer Center at University Hospital with a check for $200,000 raised at its second annual cycling event, known by the same name.
Texas Native Named Interim Director of UC Gynecological Oncology Division
W. Edward Richards, MD, has been named interim director of UC’s gynecologic oncology division. He also will serve as director of women’s cancer for the UC Barrett Cancer Center at University Hospital. Richards specializes in treating pre-cancerous and cancerous conditions in the reproductive tract.
Slimming Effects of Fatty Diets May Be Possible
In a fast-paced world of even faster food options, persuading people to eat healthy and exercise has become increasingly difficult. Because of that, scientists and foodies alike are constantly looking for ways to combat weight gain and perhaps even lessen the negative health effects associated with the ever-prevalent high-fat diets. Results of a recently published study suggest that may actually be possible.
Exercise Caution: Harmful Germs May Lurk on Gym Equipment
There’s no question that exercise is a good thing: It promotes heart and vascular health, balanced weight, and strong bones and muscles. But UC sports dermatologist Brian Adams, MD, says gym-goers should exercise some caution. Dangerous germs can lurk behind that sleek gym equipment and cause more harm than good.
Neurology Opens Patient Access to Help Meet UC Physicians Re-engineering Project Goals
Improving patient access to specialties and services is one of the major goals of the UC Physicians (UCP) Re-engineering Project. Thanks to some steps taken over the past year, the neurology department is making significant progress toward reaching that goal.
Top Grads Drawn to College of Nursing, University Hospital
The College of Nursing recently participated in offering two Diversity Scholarships—$74,000 each to cover the cost of tuition and housing for four years. The awards are funded by the college, University Hospital (UH), the Darwin T. Turner Scholarship and the Cincinnatus Scholarship.
UC First in Nation to Study Relaxin for Heart Failure
Medical researchers at UC are the first to enroll a patient in a U.S. clinical trial designed to test the effectiveness and safety of the drug Relaxin for treating heart failure symptoms. Relaxin is a naturally occurring hormone that helps the human body regulate kidney function and blood pressure.
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