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UC-Based Invention May Detect Hazardous Air Quality
A collaboration between UC’s colleges of medicine and engineering could result in a revolutionary on-site testing device that detects airborne hazards in real-time environments, allowing for rapid response to unacceptable air quality levels.

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A Gift of Love: New Scholarship Helps Married Medical Students
It’s the classic fairy tale love story: Boy meets girl, boy marries girl, boy goes to medical school at the University of Cincinnati and builds girl a castle ... in Indiana. OK, so there’s a little deviation from the classics—but the romance, medical school and castle parts are all true.
New Biomarker May Help Predict Colon Cancer
UC environmental health scientists have identified a new biomarker that could help predict a person’s risk of developing colon cancer and how aggressive it may become.
Genetic Testing to Guide Effective Warfarin Dosage Not Worth the Cost
The world of genetic testing and tailored health care continues to emerge and evolve as technology advances and medical efficacy becomes a priority. But one question remains: Is genotyping beneficial and costeffective for patients and doctors alike?
'Cultural Competence' Focus of Genetic Counseling Project
As director of the Genetic Counseling Graduate Program within UC’s College of Allied Health Sciences, Nancy Steinberg Warren is a strong proponent of cultural sensitivity for genetic counselors.
Ohio Native Returns to Serve as Neurology's New Endowed Chair for Alzheimer's Disease
If Brendan Kelley, MD, had stayed with his undergraduate majors, he might have become the scientific world’s foremost authority on Russian literature. Fortunately for the University of Cincinnati—and the study of Alzheimer’s disease—Kelley developed a passion for medicine that has led him to an appointment as UC’s Endowed Chair in the Research and Education of Alzheimer’s Disease.
Study Suggests Spiritual Teens May Cope With Sickness Better
Chronic illness can lead to poorer quality of life—particularly for adolescents. New research shows that spirituality may help teens cope with their conditions.
UC Forum Garners Ideas for Improving Health in Tristate
Over 65 people attended a community health care forum, titled “Transforming Health Care at Local and National Levels,” on Jan. 13 that discussed health care reform and generated ideas to improve health care in the Tristate.
Behind-the-Scenes Work Has Benefits for Patients
If you’ve ever wondered how a degree in physics translates into a career outside of NASA, you need look no farther than your neighborhood hospital. Behind every radiation oncologist there is a specially trained physicist calculating complex dosage equations and precise treatment delivery angles for radiation therapy to ensure the best possible care for patients.
Drake Center to Study Navigated Brain Stimulation
Drake Center has signed an agreement with Nexstim Oy, a medical device company, to study the benefits of using navigated brain stimulation (NBS) in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of a patient’s recovery following stroke.
Fiber—Not Fast-Fix Colon Cleansing Products—Key to Colorectal Health, UC Experts Advise
If something seems too good to be true, it probably is—especially when it comes to fast-fix weightloss solutions. Some over-thecounter consumer products may even do more harm than good, according to UC experts.
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