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Heart Patient Risks Own Life to Have Baby
The winter blues aren’t hitting Aimee Brown, 35, this year. “I don’t let little things get me down,” says the mother of two. “What really matters is that I can sit down on the ground and play with my children. I can hear my daughter laugh and my son say, ‘I love you, Mommy.’ We are blessed.”

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University Hospital Among First to Offer Cardiac Imaging Test
UC Health University Hospital is among the first in the region to offer an innovative cardiac imaging test that results in more accurate diagnosis of coronary artery disease and fewer unnecessary invasive tests and surgical procedures.
Cancer Drug Development Program Opens at UC
When traditional therapies fail, early stage clinical trials represent a new beacon of hope for patients with seemingly terminal cancers. This winter, the UC College of Medicine launched a phase-1 clinical trials unit through the newly established Early Drug Development Program. Olivier Rixe, MD, PhD, professor of medicine in the hematology oncology di-vision at UC, serves as dir-ector of the program.
College of Pharmacy Researcher Lands $900,000 Grant for Nail Fungus Study
Fungal nail disease can be an unsightly, painful and debilitating condition, with the only clinically recognized treatments being oral anti-fungal medications—which distribute through the entire body—or a topical lacquer with a rigid application process and a 30 percent total cure rate.
UC, Children's Partner for Tissue Engineering
An award from the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculo-skeletal and Skin Diseases will aid a partnership between UC and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in finding new ways to use adult stem cells to speed repair of musculoskeletal soft tissue injuries.
Many Women Overlook Uterine Cancer Symptoms
One of the most common cancers affecting women in the United States has a precancerous state and obvious warning signs, yet almost 8,000 women die from the disease annually.
New Researcher Brings $1.8 Million in Funding to Study How Cold Temperatures Affect Pain
It makes perfect sense that a researcher would come to the University of Cincinnati from the University of Florida to study how cold temperatures affect pain, but research is conducted in a laboratory and that laboratory can be located anywhere. The department of anesthesiology’s newest faculty member, Jianguo Gu, PhD, however, chose UC’s College of Medicine.
Nursing, DAAP Join Forces to Improve Health Care Items
Faculty and students from UC’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP) are collaborating with the university’s College of Nursing to re-examine and redesign often overlooked health care items—such as bed trays and walkers—which are key to comfort and care in both medical and home environments.
University Hospital Kidney Program Outpaces Regional, National Results
In a new report from a national database on U.S. transplant programs, UC Health University Hospital’s kidney transplant program outpaces regional and national results on transplant survival rates, organ acceptance rates and wait-list times.
Study Finds Common Antidepressant Drugs Linked to Delays in Lactation After Birth
Women who take a commonly used form of antidepressant drugs may experience delays in lactation after giving birth and may need additional support to meet their breastfeeding goals, a study led by UC researchers has found.
Student Makes Overseas Move to Study Under 'Famous' Environmental Health Researcher
For Ming-Tsung Lee, the UC College of Medicine—specifically the laboratory of environmental health chair Shuk-Mei Ho, PhD—was the ultimate destination to pursue his doctoral education.
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