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Branding Guidelines

Branding Consultations

If you have a branding-related question or would like to schedule a free branding consultation, contact Suki Jeffrey at 513-558-3622.


Visual Branding Presentations

This free presentation provides basic information for anyone working to create properly branded material from basic desktop documents to promotional brochures and posters.


A 15-minute presentation, conducted by Suki Jeffrey, is also available for those not directly involved in visual communications. This overview provides general branding information without the details and is appropriate for new faculty or staff. Many find this presentation very suitable as an agenda item at a group meeting. To schedule a presentation, call 513-558-3622.

Our office is dedicated to carrying out the universityís branding initiative and providing counsel on branding requirements and needs. Our teamís art director is available for free branding consultation, discussion and direction. In addition, design and production services are available for a fee.

The following guidelines have been established in order to maintain consistency when communicating all aspects of the University of Cincinnatiófrom print and design to writing and Web development.

All resources may be downloaded and used by anyone responsible for creating or updating university communications. For more information, contact our office at 513-558-4553 or, or visit UCís branding website at


Branding Standards
The following manual serves as the official reference for how to use the UC branding elements properly. It should be used whenever communication materials that represent the university are developed.
>> UC Branding Standards Manual (PDF)

Logos & Templates
All UC logos are available for download in both high (300 dpi) and low (72 dpi) resolutions. The UC logo is one of the strongest forms of identify for the university and proper usage is required. Also available is a comprehensive set of templates, making it easy for UC staff and student to create documents and presentations that reflect UC's brand identity.
>> Download Logos, Graphics and Templates
>> Download Poster Session Templates

Please note that the graphics in the PowerPoint Poster Session Templates may appear pixilated or low quality, but rest assured that they will look sharp when printed.

Good writing begins with consistent, accurate and powerful messaging. The UC Academic Health Center stylebook was developed as a way to provide consistent solutions to common problems faced by anyone writing about the University of Cincinnati. The guide, managed by the Academic Health Center public relations office, is updated regularly.
>> UC Stylebook

The Internet is a powerful tool that allows UC staff, faculty and students the opportunity to promote UC's educational, research and clinical opportunities and activities locally and around the world. Because of their ability to reach an unlimited audience, itís especially important that university websites meet UCís branding guidelines. In addition, each site should be reviewed by the universityís branding review committee prior to "going live.Ē For more information concerning websites, contact Jeremy Martin at 513-556-1826or
>> UC Web Policy