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Fact Sheets
The following fact sheets are available to assist you in your coverage of the UC Academic Health Center.

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Academic Health Center:
Academic Health Center Affiliates and Partners
Updated: 07/01/16: The UC Academic Health Center prides itself with excellent patient care and research programs, and strong affiliations with local hospitals throughout Greater Cincinnati.
Academic Health Center Buildings
Updated: 07/01/16: UC's Academic Health Center is home to two buildings designed by signature architects.
Academic Health Center Discoveries and Developments
Updated: 07/01/16: The University of Cincinnati is an institution with a rich history in discovery and innovation. Credited with many firsts, from the oral, live-virus polio vaccine and the first antihistamine, to the first safe, anti-knock gasoline, UC researchers are literally transforming the way we live and work.
Academic Health Center Leadership
Updated: 07/01/16: The Academic Health Center includes the colleges of allied health sciences, medicine, nursing and pharmacy, Hoxworth Blood Center, University of Cincinnati Medical Center, UC's Reading Campus and University of Cincinnati Physicians.
Academic Health Center Overview
Updated: 07/01/16: Located just east of the university's uptown campus, the Academic Health Center houses some the university's most innovative and captivating science and research laboratories—not to mention four academic colleges and a number of patient care facilities and resources.
Academic Health Center Research
Updated: 01/31/14:

UC Academic Health Center and its affiliates were responsible for bringing in more than $300 million of the research dollar total.

MSB Rehabilitation Project
Updated: 10/29/14: The MSB-CARE/Crawley Building is one of the largest health-science research complexes in the country, a highly visible gateway inviting visitors into the university's scientific corridor.
Awards and Honors:
Daniel Drake Medal
Updated: 01/21/14: In 1985, the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine celebrated the 200th anniversary of the birth of its founder, pioneering physician Daniel Drake. As part of that celebration, the college created a new award—the Daniel Drake Medal—to honor its distinguished living faculty and alumni.
Centers & Institutes:
Cardiovascular Diseases
Updated: 07/07/14: Cardiovascular-related research and clinical care are key focuses at the University of Cincinnati, University of Cincinnati Medical Center and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.
Center for Surgical Innovation
Updated: 07/24/13: A collaboration of the surgery and biomedical engineering departments, the Center for Surgical Innovation and its team of multidisciplinary experts in surgery, telemedicine and information technology are developing and disseminating technologies that make a tangible difference in surgical and medical care across the world as we move into an age of bio-intelligence.

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